Gallery Pictures

At Georgian Spirit Cruise we are very proud of who we are and the First-Class services we provide.
We specialize in Sightseeing, Dinner and Private Cruises.
And yes we love weddings!
Here a few pictures of our ship and the services provided.
Click on any image to see enlarged version.

Gallery image of our first class dinner options.
Gallery image of the cruise boat Georgian Spirit at the dock in Midland.
Table set for a dinner cruise.
Gallery view of bow of the cruise boat Georgian Spirit.
Appetizers and wine glasses set for a lovely sunset cruise.
Gallery view of the main deck of the Georgian Spirit.
Bride and attendants holding flowers for their wedding cruise.
Bow view for a group tour on the Georgian Spirit.
The main deck of the Georgian Spirit with colourful table cloths.
Gallery view of the upper deck of the cruise boat Georgian Spirit.
The cruise boat Georgian Spirit drydocked in Midland in 2022.

We offer Great Dining Cruises from our centrally located dock in Midland, Ontario.
Just a pleasant 2 hour drive from downtown Toronto and close to all major locations in Southern Ontario.
Exceeding your Expectations is our goal!